i'm a hot air balloon that could go to space

your second home was the cabin. we moved there so dad could work. you loved the beach, but hated even a toe in the water. you loved the boat, but if the ride was longer than a few minutes you. just. couldn't. handle. it. we had visitors and you watched them from my arms. we went to elvis concerts. we danced in the streets. we garage sailed every saturday. we sun bathed. we caught some snuggles with dad. you hated any carrier i tried. we saw seattle. and vaseaux lake for the last time. wes tried to convince you that tummy time was seriously awesome (you didn't ever believe him). you slept through the biggest lightning storm i could ever remember and we even caught it on film. and stelle finally accepted you were in our pack.

it was a summer of getting to know each other.

although we have always known each other, haven't we?

it is all a blur.  a wonderful sun-soaked blur.

i love you.


ps. i don't care what anyone says, i can still listen to this song on repeat. it was #1 when you were born. and i will always love it.

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