having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.

you know whatever you do, they'll still be there. ~ amy li

this is phoebe. she likes the same music as me. she dances like me. (she'll dance to this video like me). she likes basketball like me. and, sometimes, she looks like me (if she lets me pick out her outfit...).

phoebe came to visit in june. we had 2 missions:
1. get to taylor swift on time.
2. buy the most fabulous jewelry and aftergrad outfit ever.

although we very nearly missed taylor (i thought it was saturday night...it was actually on friday night. i still get nervous when i think of it...), we did make it on time.
and, although it took us till the after dark on the night before she had to leave, and to a street vendor in downtown toronto, we did find the most fantastically fabulous jewelry ever made on this planet. and she looked gorgeous before, during, and after grad this year.

i love you bee. miss you already.

these are the last pictures taken with my grampa's camera before we got our new cameras. they are glorious. but we will see you again soon, ikoflex.



Anonymous said...

ok a few things-
i love this post! you and phoe look so cute in every picture. holly you are georgous in that one with the unbrella.
i laughed out loud at tyler with the unbrella. im still laughing. love it.
i havent seen pics of phoebe at grad, cant wait to see what you two picked out. im sure it was absolutly perfect!

akathemom said...

You two are gorg. As in gorgeous. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

i wish i knew how to spell georgous.