the berry patch

our most favourite place to eat while we were in new york: the berry patch. it is nearly as famous as the hill cumorah itself. mom and i were lucky to catch the end of the strawberry season, and ty and i had fresh raspberry peach shortcake. and we ate there countless other times.
an older man saw me snapping pictures with my camera and he did not hesitate to offer to take a few pictures with me in it. i barely had a chance to say, "that's ok. i don't like being in pictures anyways" before he had me sitting with my family with my camera in his hands while he snapped some pictures of his own. he told me it was nice to see young ones using cameras the way he used to.
here's to you, stranger. the last one is yours.
the young ones.

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Hands Full said...

I always ask people if I can take pictures for them, and every time I do it I get the urge to take the picture and then run with the camera... just as a joke, I promise. And then I think that they probably wouldn't think it was very funny, and so I don't.