bertie botts every flavor beans

the russell's came to visit so i could clean benny, charlie, and ali's teeth. not only did they charm the socks off my instructors, but they also let me and ty tag along for most of their vacation and steal their kids for sleepovers and ice cream. thank you for the best two weeks of school ever.
it was a sad day when i got my film back because most of it was ruined. therefore, i have stolen most of these pictures from everyone else. but i love them, nonetheless.
and we have moved on to other cameras till we fix my grampa's ikoflex...


fatwhitemale said...

I loved it there! I need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

you capture some of the best moments. i love the mushroom waterfall thing.
looks like you guys had lots of fun. next time matt and i and the kids will come!

akathemom said...

man those kids are cute.

Shane and Mindy said...

I love love love that photo of Alice!!!! She looks so good in it!