wanna pack your bags, something small, take what you need and we disappear

we got a new 35mm camera: canon f-1. garage sale. $10. we thought we could sell it and use the money towards a nice digital camera, but then we used it. and i think we're in love.
this was our anniversary weekend. tyler surprised me with new lenses that have changed our world. i surprised him with a weekend in upstate new york where we climbed waterfalls, walked the sacred grove, ate at moosewood restaurant, and learned how to use our new lenses.
we drove to this song.  best. weekend. ever.

the moon and the stars can follow the car


Anonymous said...

I have bought cameras like that before with the same intention..put a roll through them and then fell in love with it.

I have a 600mm mirror lens that fits on the the f1. I haven't found a good deal on the camera yet so I haven't got a chance to see what the lens is like.
Let me know if you guys make your way out here, I'll let ya play with it.

I really liked the barefoot picture and the water fountain picture. Cool shots! Keep them coming.
Have you guys done any on 120 lately?

child of the universe said...

wow! thanks!
we used to only have a 120mm ikoflex, but something jammed in it and we have to get it fixed. all our earlier pictures on this blog are from it. (http://underourbumbershoot.blogspot.com/2010/05/at-home.html)
this is our first post using the f-1. we used a 35mm at christmas and got to develop our own pics, which was ridiculous. (http://underourbumbershoot.blogspot.com/2010/04/wishing-that-christmas-lasted-all-year.html)we're thinking of making our own dark room here.
ps. we lucked out on that garage sale. this camera is pristine. we'll keep our eyes open for one for you. we're learning alot about 35mm cameras now. we've got an ae-1, but we want an a-1.

Anonymous said...

i know NOTHING about cameras, but i do love looking at your pics. love love love the big waterfall pic.!!!

Charity said...

I love that you are back blogging. I missed your fabulous photos! and your romantic getaways. Keep them coming!!

Erin L. said...

Holly, I've been reading your blog for a while now. I love the pics you post and the commentary. It's great to keep up with old friends. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!

Gjylije said...

Holly, I love your shots of the waterfall, the Sacred Grove (the trees look like they belong in a painting), and the bare feet on a log photo. And of course the one where you and Tyler are caught alone in a cozy nook... Very sweet. Your photography is inspiring, not to mention your travels and witty prose!

Hands Full said...

I think you should give up on mouths and pursue a career as a struggling photographer: a photographer of me and my family. I've always thought my life should be so grand as to necessitate full time documentary. And, by "struggling" I actually mean all I can pay you is love and PB sandwiches: sorry, I live in mom's basement.