wig ladies

i was asked to help with costuming at the hill cumorah pageant this year (you can't say no when you've been told you're a pageant miracle...). my mom and i washed hundreds of wigs the first day on the job and were forever known as "the wig ladies."
we helped dress more than a hundred cast members every night for a week and half, and most of them were smelly, sweaty, messy lamanite boys... if you were able to breathe through the pungent smell, it was actually quite fun. maybe it was the boys, maybe it was playing with wigs every day, but most likely it was being able to work with my mom for four weeks.
these pictures are of the hill, mom and dad rehearsing to be wicked noah citizens, our wig shop, and my pretty mom.


Anonymous said...

ohh that looks like so much fun. im not going to lie, i gasped when i saw all those wigs and the title wig lady. i thought for real you came upon a yard with that many wigs hanging out to dry. then i saw your mom and figured it out! hahah funny.

Elyse said...

LOVE the hill cumorah pagent. You are so lucky you get to help~