sittin' pretty, what a lovely display

i like when tyler takes pictures of me. he makes me look pretty on film...
these were taken on our mamiya 645 with kodak portra 400.

despite the minor heart palpitations i am having due to the accumulation of final reports and the ever daunting board exam approaching a whole lot faster than i would like it to, i find solace in this song. tyler says it sounds like a song in a musical.

good thing i love musicals.

speaking of which, i have a major crush on gene kelly and it's because of this musical. watch it before you die, or you won't die happy.

even ty loved it.

another reason why we will be together forever and ever.


melange muse said...

so pretty. love this first pic and i like the song. also i definitely need to watch that musical.

akathemom said...

Hahah were your feet cold???
LOVE the Pirate. I've had a crush on Gene Kelly since before you were born!!!

David Dudley said...

I love the bridge, I have a strong desire to capture them lately.

Matt and Chloe Taylor said...

Okay, I want your green dress. Very cute!