light up the darkness

what would you do with a pack of twenty five sparklers?

bake a cake?
throw a party?
stand in snow with a wind chill for three hours whilst trying to put film in an old camera at the same time as trying to light sparklers, all in the dark of night?

well, we thought we might brave the wind chill.

i forgot to close the shutter after putting the lens cap on in the last picture... we only found out it was still open when we got home. we will do it again, maybe in the summer (before the mosquitoes...), for sparklers make for magical pictures.

light up the darkness.


ps. a music video from the past...



David Dudley said...

you guys are awesome!!
I am going to do some stuff like this soon too.
My favourite is the glowing body!

Anonymous said...

You just gave me a sweet idea for my final project!

PS. Did you get that lens I sent with your sister? You'll have to let me know what you think of it.

shannon said...

wow, how did you do those pictures??
love them!

akathemom said...

WOW, just wow!!!