where there is a sea, there are pirates

we found our very own pirate ship about forty-five minutes from our house.  that basically makes us pirates. we can't imagine how pirates sailed into lake ontario... but trapped by a manmade stone wall, we imagine these pirates, realizing their ship could not escape, abandoned ship and hitch hiked home on the QEW.

we parked in a snow drift along the lake, stood in the cold for an hour to take pictures (these with our canon a-1, others on a roll that we've lost...), and we spent another hour pushing our car out of the snow drift. and by we, i mean i sat in the car trying not to spin out while tyler pushed...

the long exposure made the full moon as bright as the sun.  but i promise it was night. and cold.


here's another story about where this ship came from. but i'm pretty sure mine story is the correct one.


David Dudley said...

That is on the road to Niagra yes?? I wanted to stop there but we did not have enough time.
We should take pictures inside!

Marns said...

In Belleville, they have a park that is the shape of a pirate ship.