if you are not too long, i will wait here for you all my life. oscar wilde.

i love cemetaries. and since we were in paris during a french long weekend, the catacombs were closed. but this cemetary is the largest in paris. oscar wilde and jim morrison were buried here. as well as millions more.

the aisles had road signs.

some monuments were so old, they had simply crumbled.

some statues so grand, they stood twenty-five feet high.

it was a beautiful sunny morning. we were all alone.

i think that was the same day phoebe tried her first sweet bread, when she thought it would actually be sweet. bread.


a picture of ceramic flowers with a real flower growing from it. love.

mamiya 645


akathemom said...

iHeartDimSum said...

Love this! Did you guys end up tracking down Jim Morrison's grave/ tomb? We searched and searched, but the map was useless. We did find the Oscar Wilde one, which was weird and awesome.

child of the universe said...

We did find it! But we had someone show us. I guess that means we cheated... That whole cemetery was crazy weird! Loved it!