la dame de fer

everything can be a workout for my mom. stairs instead of elevator. two steps at a time up the escalator. speed walking through shopping malls. if you pause to tie your shoe, you've lost her almost immediately.

so, when my mom wanted to skip the elevator lines and walk up the 1665 steps to the top of the eiffel tower, it wasn't a surprise... but it was near the end of the day, and we were tired, and we thought/hoped/prayed that she was, too...

needless to say, we climbed 1665 steps to the top of the eiffel tower.

and now i can say i did it.

thanks mom.


ps. it really is quite large, you know. a lot bigger in real life than in the photos. maybe i'm saying this because i climbed it, but the iron lady is no lady. more like an iron giant...

mamiya 645

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queenofhearts said...

no after photos of your sweaty brow?