the golden wing

this is the inside of a cathedral being restored to what it would look like when it was first built.

i imagine myself walking through an entire cathedral in brilliant white, gleaming gold, colours shining through the stained glass, bright cherubs smiling down from the frescos.

there would be music playing, of course. a harp, most likely. because that whole scene is ethereal.

but after hundreds of years of incense and candle burning, it becomes the dark and shadowy cathedrals we see today.

they are gorgeous, mind you. stunning in every way. details coloured deeper through time. stones carved and stained by thousands of reverent fingers. candles burned for millions of prayers. the darkened walls show the time it has stood to serve, comfort, and sometimes strike fear in many many searching souls.

but the brilliance of what it once was is still quite astonishing.


ps. a tiny cafe across the street from this cathedral served me my very first french chocolat chaud. and it changed my life forever...

mamiya 645 taken in spring 2012

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