scraped knees and splinters

you can leave through the back gate of my parent's house, where i grew up, and walk right into the park of the elementary school i went to. there used to be a park built when the school was built in the 70s, made of monster splinter-causing wood, miles high, little restraint, and the wood just wide enough that, if you held your breath and moved slowly, you could climb up on to the beams and walk along them, high enough that no one could touch you in an intense game of grounders, but would surely break (and did break) bones if you fell.

apparently, too many gravel stuck wounds and shards of wood stuck in too many fingers was enough to tear down the old park and erect a modern one that, i will admit, begrudgingly, is pretty darn cool. 

it is, however, more difficult to balance on the beams and take pictures. 

but i can still totally win grounders...

this park is where best friends are made. and no more physical risks.

at least not as many...


mamiya 645 taken spring 2012

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