toons and turtles

i had never liked saskatoon berries before last summer. mind you, i have only ever had a couple in my life. and they were tiny. mostly seeds. and probably a bit old. i remember them tasting of seedy dust (could it have been because we picked them on the side of the road? we'll never know...). 

these were not the saskatoons i remembered. these were luscious, delicious, juicy. and their seeds nutty, fresh, and tasty. 

my fingers were stained for days. and my craving for them lasted longer.

we tried picking enough to eat on the ten hour drive home from the okanagan, and even more to freeze when we got home. 

we ended up finishing off a couple buckets before we hit alberta, leaving only a few, which never saw the inside of our freezer...


ps. i know we weren't in california, but it is a good road trip song, nonetheless. 

mamiya 645 summer 2012

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